Hawarden Golf Club welcomes new Caterers

We continue to get glowing reports about the new Franchisees in our clubhouse. Craig and Jo came on board after coming to our attention at the White Bear in Mancot. We were looking for someone with a positive approach and top notch credentials for our food and drink proposition and we think we hit the jackpot.
They have forged a relationship since they met 26 years ago, firstly based on family, 5 children between them and 4 grand children, then secondly quality of food and quality of service. They don’t get much down time but Craig plays golf, reads and rides his scooter. Jo might get in her camper van and travel overnight with her daughter and return back for work the next day.
Craig is a revered Head chef having won stacks of awards over the years. Blend that hard working, fiery exterior with Jo as the front of house, organised and socially comfortable, but a stickler for rules. Always smiling, always positive, the customer always comes first. This, for us, is a marriage made in heaven.
They are both experienced at organising, mini festivals, October fest, social events, wakes, weddings and large functions. If you’re looking for a venue for anything contact them on 07843 008689. It could be a call that provides you with a solution.