Golf Lessons

Coaching at Hawarden Golf Club

We are lucky to have both the facilities and experience to offer an excellent standard of golf tuition. Our practice ground features a 150-yard long game practice area and a green for developing your chipping and short shots.

Here at Hawarden Golf Club, we have Alex Rowland who has over 30 years experience of coaching as a PGA Golf Professional.


There are a number of options for those wanting to have golf lessons with Alex,the prices are as follows:

30 minutes – £30 or a course of five lessons for £120.00

60 minutes – £50

Playing lesson £60 for 9 holes

A playing lesson is an excellent way to cover things such as course management and playing to your strengths. It is an enjoyable lesson as we really get to know the ins and outs of your game and is a great price at only £60.

As most people know, golf tuition usually requires more than just a quick fix. We recommend that a course of lessons over an extended period is much more beneficial to a golfer than just the occasional lesson. Because of this, we’ve put together a number of coaching programmes.

MOT your Game!

This course involves a range of lessons to address a number of critical aspects of your golf game. The intention is to improve various aspects of your golf by addressing each skill individually. The course will use the following lesson structure:

– 30 minutes driver and fairway woods

– 30 minutes iron play

– 30 minutes pitching and chipping

– 30 minutes bunker shots

– 30 minutes putting lessons

– 9 hole playing lesson

Depending on availability, this course can be taken over a short space of time or over a number of weeks. It is extremely flexible and will be adjusted to suit the needs of each individual player.

The cost of all of these lessons separately would come to £210 but we’re offering this entire course for a fantastic price of just £175.

Don’t struggle with your game, the best bit of advice to see if you need lessons is this. If you play badly once forget it. If you play badly twice then review the basics such as aim stance posture. If you play badly 3 times in a row then you need to come and see me.

The more you ignore your game the more damage you will do.

Albert Einstein once said “What is the definition of insanity??

Answer…..”Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.


1/2 hour lesson £15.

Course of 5 x 1/2 hour lessons £65 (payable on the first lesson).*

*Courses of lessons must be taken within 6 months of the date from the first lesson.