Course Guide

The Golf Course

Here at Hawarden Golf Club we have a beautifully presented, undulating, 18 hole golf course. To help guide you through the course are some pictures complete with some tips from our own Head Professional Alex Rowland about how to get it round in the lowest score you possibly can.

Course Gallery

1st Hole – The Saddle

A tricky opening hole, just 323 yards from the white tee but by no means an easy par to begin your round. The fairway takes an almost 90 degree left turn at the top of the hill before descending to a long, narrow green.

Pro’s Tip

From the tee, the ideal shot would finish in the saddle at the top of the hill. This will leave a great view for the 2nd shot to the green. The closer you dare to hit it to the trees on the left, the shorter your approach will be.

Once you’ve found the top of the hill, you should be left with a mid to short iron into the green. It’s important to judge your distance well here or you could find yourself with a tricky chip from the back of the green.

2nd Hole – Friar’s Gap

The first of the par 3 holes at Hawarden Golf Club, only playing 158 yards but miss the green here and you’ll be left with a rather tough up and down.

Pro’s Tip

Usually just a simple mid-iron to the green should do it, a lot easier said than done in this case. Hit the green and a birdie chance should come your way.

3rd Hole – Railway Hole

One of the more difficult tee shots on the course, with out of bounds both left and right. It doesn’t get much easier as you approach the green with the boundary fences narrowing to within a few yards each side of the putting surface.

Pro’s Tip

Position from the tee is key here, take driver if you’re confident enough but it’s not essential for everyone. The longer hitters will look to take their tee shot over the small trees on the left side, others will aim at the conifers in the distance and look to find the fairway that way.

Once you’re safely in the fairway, you’ll have a view up the hill towards the green. The green is fairly big but miss it either side and you’ll be close to the OB fence. The ideal line will be as central as possible between the bunker, left, and the mound on the right.

4th Hole – The Gap

One of the toughest holes on the golf course, requiring you to hold your nerve driving over the ravine. Once you’ve done this, the 2nd shot is blind from a sloping lie to one of the tightest greens on the course. The only easy way is if you possess the power to drive your tee shot over the top of the hill.

Pro’s Tip

Getting a good drive away is important on this hole, it is certainly wide enough for a driver. The further up the hill you can get it, the better of you’ll be for your second shot.

A tricky second shot if you aren’t able to see the green, follow the line of the guide post that’s behind the green. If you’re hitting from the bottom of the hill, getting it on the green is impressive.

5th Hole – Whipping Tree

Ever heard the phrase short but sweet? It sums this hole up rather well. Despite playing just 106 yards from the yellow tee, hitting the green here is dependent on how well you can judge distance playing down the hill.

Pro’s Tip

Take aim and put a good swing on it, it’s that easy. Despite it’s simplicity this hole has caused problems for even the most talented of players. If you miss the green a par quickly becomes a good score.

6th Hole – St. Deiniols

Based on Stroke Index, this is the hardest hole on the course. Made difficult by the rather prominent oak tree in the centre of the fairway. The fairway undulates, leaving a difficult approach to a firm, well guarded green.

Pro’s Tip

Taking your driver over the tree is the ideal shot or down the left hand side of it if you can’t quite get the carry distance. The ball should run down the fairway to the bottom of the hill.

The approach from the top of the hill requires an accurate, well struck shot to avoid the bunkers and hold the putting surface. Notoriously the firmest green on the course so be careful not to let your ball run through the back.

7th Hole – Twin Oaks

First of the par 5 holes on the course. A very good birdie opportunity for the longer hitters, just keep it out of the trees.

Pro’s Tip

A relatively straightforward driver into the fairway will set up the approach to this par 5, far enough up the hill and the green will be well within range for being hit in 2.

The approach to the 7th green is relatively flat, the main trouble being the bunkers left and right. The green is angled towards you making it fairly receptive to a wood or long iron.

8th Hole – Two Tiers

Not a long par 4 but certainly a tricky one. The fairway slopes down and away to the right before the lake. The green is split by a steep slope make it a true two-tier green

Pro’s Tip

Try to draw your ball into the left half of the fairway as it slopes away to the right. Avoid the right side of the fairway as it will lead to you being blocked out for your approach to the green.

The approach to this green is controlled by the pin position. Make sure you find the right tier or your putt will be extremely difficult. The green is narrow so requires an accurate shot.

9th Hole – Tinkersdale

Playing considerably down hill, the 9th hole reaches to the furthest corner of the course. There are no easy shots on this hole, particularly if the pin is placed at the back of the green.

Pro’s Tip

Lay your ball up short of the ponds at the bottom of the hill. This will leave around 150yds over the water to this green. If you’re feeling brave you may take on the water off the tee, a carry of around 280yds is required.

Hold your nerve as you play over the water. The green is fairly large and receptive to the approach shot. Just take care though, the lake on the left of the green is quite close.

10th Hole – Wigdale

The turn back towards the clubhouse begins with a very testing tee shot. A ditch runs across the fairway around 230 yards from the white tee. The fairway climbs up the hill to a tricky green. A par is always a very good score here.

Pro’s Tip

If you can, take your driver and hit it over the stream and on to the fairway the other side, this will leave a much shorter approach. The other option is to lay up short and play up the hill to the green.

One of the toughest greens to putt on, of any on the course, being the right side of hole is very important. The green slopes towards you making the shot slightly easier but accuracy and distance control are vital here.

11th Hole – Emma’s View

An almost blind view of the green from the tee. Make sure your shot finishes the correct side of the hole on this one or you’ll have a trecherous putt on this very difficult, undulating green.

Pro’s Tip

A blind approach to this par 3, hitting your shot to the middle of the green is a great shot. Walk away with a par and you should never be unhappy.

12th Hole – Windy Way

The 2nd and final par 5 at HGC. Made difficult by the contours of the fairway. At 478 yards, some might reach the green in 2 but it is no mean feat.

Pro’s Tip

A driver to get as far up the hill as possible, taking care to keep it in play. The left side opens up the fairway for the rest of the hole.

The 12th green is one of the longest on the course, careful where you hit your ball or you might have a seriously long putt when you get on the green.

13th Hole – Well Guarded

Another short par 4 which doglegs to the right, place the ball well from the tee and a birdie chance may well come your way.

Pro’s Tip

A good line from this tee is over the bunker in the right half of the fairway. Get your shot past the trees on the right and the 2nd shot will be opened up.

A fairly simply approach to a flat green. Play for the gap between the bunkers and the fairly small green will be likely to offer up a birdie chance.

14th Hole – Mountain Ash

Only a short hole but the two-tier green and tricky bunkering adds to the difficulty. Regarded as the easiest hole on the course by many, it is also the stroke index 18.

Pro’s Tip

A short iron or wedge should be enough to find this green, a good birdie chance for anyone who hits it on the green. Made much more difficult when the pin is on the left hand side.

15th Hole – Castle View

Another short par 4 on the back nine. Trees line both sides of the fairway and dictate the slight dog-leg left.

Pro’s Tip

A 3 wood or long iron for position from the tee will open up the shot to the green. Too tight down the left and you’ll be blocked out for your approach.

The shot into this green is relatively flat into a wide green. Landing the ball short and letting it chase up to the flag is a safe way of playing into this green.

16th Hole – The Hollow

Named after the large hollow down the right hand side of the fairway, often frequented by golfers but not a particularly punishing place to go. The tree in the fairway protects the green from around 80 yards out.

Pro’s Tip

The ideal shot finishes in the right half of the fairway beyond the bunker. This will open up a nice line to the flag down the right side of the tree.

From the fairway the view to this green is fairly restricted. Hitting the ball into the centre of the green will more often than not yield a birdie opportunity on this fairly small green.

17th Hole – Gladstone Drive

Arguably the best driving hole on the course, the 17th is also the longest of the par 4 holes. The green on here is large and protected by a solitary greenside bunker.

Pro’s Tip

Last chance to hit a big drive, just take aim up the centre and let one go. The further up you can get it, the better your chances for the 2nd shot.

A wide, deep green which is extremely flat on the left side. If you can reach, play your approach towards the centre of the green to set up your opportunity at birdie.

18th Hole – Little Gem

The final hole on the course is this fantastic par 3. Many a good score has been ruined by this hole. Regarded as the feature hole of the course

Pros Tip

Gather yourself, take aim and shoot. This hole has a range of defences making it much harder than many of the other par 3 holes on the course. If you let it leak right the trees will gather it into the stream at the front of the green.